Oil Search engages Information Quality

Oil Search has entrusted Information Quality with the delivery of MoC Backdrafting and Document Management services.

Information Quality’s long history of successful delivery and proven processes enabled us to successfully and seamlessly integrate Oil Search workflows and requirements into our established, Australian-based production centre.

IQ looks forward to a long partnership with Oil Search, delivering exceptional results and superior value.

IQ present Intelligent System Training

Information Quality recently presented high level Intelligent Systems training to Senior Shell Engineering team members in Perth and Brisbane.

The training, designed to provide an overview of the advanced administration and data extraction capabilities of the Hexagon Smartplant toolset was delivered by IQ SME’s.

Leading Edge Data Extraction benefits Origin

When Arrow Energy required industry ‘best in class’ expertise for the transition to a new Document Management System, Information Quality were the obvious choice.

After Information Quality performed the successful extraction of 16000 individual artefacts previously embedded in handed over documents, we were able to implement advanced automation techniques to recover document metadata and equipment information which was correlated to the new artefacts.

The resultant information set, with cross references and intelligent metadata was a key step in Arrows digital transformation and establishment of the digital twin.