Engineering Information Management

Effective management of engineering information is the foundation of efficient operation. Superior information management reduces risk, improves productivity and minimises downtime. From pre-feed to handover and throughout the life cycle of a facility, information management is the most cost effective risk mitigation and profitability enhancement available to the operator.

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Information Quality engineering data analysts can implement and enhance systems, processes and procedures to ensure that optimal access to information is provided for all stakeholders.

Management of change, decision support and legislative compliance become vastly more manageable with reliable and relevant information available across the operation.

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Engineering Data Management

Information sets utilised for business critical decision making need to be reliable, retrievable and relevant. Information Quality assist clients to build and maintain asset information sets to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability and regulatory compliance of the physical asset.

Information Quality subject matter experts assist clients to define strategies, develop frameworks and implement solutions tailored to specific business requirements.

Engineering Data Warehouse and Engineering Class Library

A well-defined and structured engineering data warehouse and pragmatic class library facilitates efficient access to all required information and data.

Information Quality have extensive experience in the creation, rationalisation and implementation of Engineering Data Warehouses and Engineering Class Libraries.

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A structured environment allowing users to access and publish engineering data and implement management of change protocols is the foundation of best practice engineering operation and maintenance.

Information Quality develop and optimise engineering class libraries to fully align with the data model required by client business processes. Delivering optimised equipment classes and associated attribute definitions, Information Quality provide successful solutions, removing the cost and risk introduced with overly complex or under specified class libraries.

Engineering Data Collection and Validation

Operation and maintenance of any asset is dependent on reliable and relevant information being available to all stakeholders.

It is imperative for safe and reliable operation and maintenance that all source data is consistent, correct and complete.

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Information Quality specialists configure systems and tools to surface information in the most efficient and effective manner possible, however the return on investment for these systems and tools can only be realised when the source data is reliable.

Information Quality personnel and processes ensure that client datasets are effectively and efficiently collected and validated, providing maximum benefit from the deployed systems and maximum stakeholder confidence in the corporate tools.

Whether in client offices, remote sites or within an Information Quality workplace, our personnel collate, validate and structure client data to optimise the value of the engineering tools and provide optimal decision support.

For safe and efficient operation there is no substitute for access to the truth